Über die Initiative / About the campaign



For the first time with VISION ACTION CHANGE musicians, artists, fashion and jewellery designers send a clear signal against one of the most widespread violations of children’s rights today:

Genital Mutilation of Girls

About 8,000 girls of all ages are still suffering genital mutilation each day. On average every 20th woman worldwide lives with the physical and psycholocical consequences of this serious violence.

This preventable violence not only means enormous suffering for the victims who survive it but also affects the development of the society as a whole. Therefore, it is high time to protect girls effectively!

Read more on the TaskForce FGM webpage.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time.Vision with action can change the world. (Robert A. Baker)


We have a clear vision of a better world: Genital mutilation is part of the past. All girls – whether in Africa, Asia, in the Middle East or in Europe – can grow up unharmed.


International musicians, artists and designers are engaged in implementing this idea and dedicate their works to the protection of girls. We can all acquire the artistic works in the charity shop and purchase the music album (for instance at AmazoniTunes or Nokia Musik Store) – to support the specific children protection projects of TaskForce FGM.


Public awareness of the problem of genital mutilation has increased, allowing it to be perceived in a completely new context. With this, the way is paved for new efficient strategies for the protection of the girls and this violence can be stopped within a short time.