Bafing Kul in Concert: March 26th / La Ligne / Paris


On Saturday March 26th, Bafing Kul will emblaze a musical fireworks at “La Ligne 13” in Paris – together with his Appolo-Band.

This concert has been organised to remind of the 1991-revolution in Mali, which ended up with the overthrow of the dictator Moussa Traoré . It was the beginning of a process of democratisation in Mali.

However, the women in Mali are without doubt the losers of that revolution: Nothing has changed for them regarding the massive, nationwide violence that is being perpetrated against them by men or with male interests: More than 90% of all girls and women in Mali contiunue to become victims of Female Genital Mutilation – totally legal: In contrary to most African countries, there’s still no law in Mali to make Femal Genital Mutilation illegal.

It is therefore no coincicence that despite a certain democratisation, there is no advancement with regard to the social situation of the Malian population and the country still belongs to the most  underdeveloped and poorest in the world: If half the population is being so gravely maltreated, damaged and traumatised, lasting development simply becomes impossible.

Bafing Kul  strongly sticks up for the rights of the women and girls in his country of origin. He is strongly committed in supporting the efforts to stop Female Genital Mutilation. So – there would hardly be a better moment for him than March 26 – to remind us that the “true revolution” has still to come.

Bafing Kuls documentation „C’est ne pas pour aujourd’hui/It won’t be for today“(Mali/2006) giving proof of how strongly Female Genital Mutilation is being supported in the today’s Malian society:

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