FéenoseSylvie Toé alias Féenose grew up in Burkina Faso. She discovered her love of music as a child when her elder brothers “infected” her with the hip hop virus.  After having recorded a song together with the Burkinian rapper Smokey in 2001 she started to work on her first album Da Wou Wo in 2002. 

The album Da Wou Wo, which she produced completely on her own, deals not only with everyday issues such as love but also critically looks at the subordinated role of women in Africa, which becomes particularly evident in the practice of female genital mutilation. With „Excision“(Silence) Féenose directly defines her position concerning the mutilation practice.

I promptly agreed to collaborate in this compilation because I am against female genital mutilation! One day I want to hear that in Burkina Faso and in all other countries girls do not die anymore through genital mutilation

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Féenose @ Excision (Silence) 


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