Stefania Spanò

Stefania Spanò is a graphic illustrator based in Italy, where she lives and works in her beloved countryside between Itri and Sperlonga.

Stefania Spanò is the author of “Unchildren. Childhood denied”. Unchildren is part of her work committed to social denunciation.

She uses images to tell the abuses of childhood, to narrate the worst tragedies on children all around the world. Her stylized pictures with bright colours are similar to photographic shots, completed by pointed notes.

The exhibition was shown several times, e.g. last December in Brussels on the occasion of the children´s rights conference of the EU.

For VISION ACTION CHANGE she has created a limited postcard edition with several  UNCHILDREN motives, including “Infibulation” (you can order the set in our charity shop):


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In the wake of the International Day “Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)”, Stefania Spanò wrote:

I dedicate this day to all women and girls in the world who are victims of abuse. The violence perpetrated against them is horrible, hateful, irreparable, both physically and psychologically. Affecting the dignity, freedom, and the basic rights.   Among the practices of enslavement and subjugation of women, one of the most terrifying is the infibulation. From the psychological point of view it is a trauma, a shock when it is practiced, and a shock when it is remembered over time. Women are marked for life in body and soul. They suffer lifelong chronic pain, internal infections, infertility or kidney dysfunction. Sexual relations become a torture. It’s impossible to feel pleasure.   The mutilation of the female genital organs is an ancient ritual which represents for the girls, along with the marriage, the most important ceremony in their lives, essential to be accepted in the community. They don’t know exactly what is going to happen to them.   They hold on to the idea of a great party with wonderful gifts, and then …  (Stefania Spanò, 2011)

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