The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers

Seit 1993 begeistert die österreichische Roots-Groove-Reggae-Band The Buccaneers mit ihren melodischen Reggae-Songs und ihren guten Vibes die Fans und tritt regelmäßig auf nationalen und internationalen Festivals auf.

Für Infibulation nahm sich Captain Joe Morgan viel Zeit, um eine wirklich starke Botschaft zu formulieren, die „die Sichtweise der Welt verändern kann“:

After listening to a Radio-Show talking about FGM approximately 8 years ago, I was kind of mesmerised by the fact that I hadn’t heard of this vicious practice before. As I’m the father of three girls, I couldn’t believe how other parents could voluntarily kill their childrens souls and so, I decided to write a song about that. It took me like 6 years to find the right words… Here it is: „Infibulation“ – Hoping to start something off in the minds of Jah people. Infibulation is mutilation of Jah Jah creation!!“ Let’s start with a vision. A vision of the possibility for each human soul to live her life unharmed. Let’s act by reaching Jah peoples hearts. And then: watch the change… Love and Light to the whole TaskForceFGM from The Captain of The Buccaneers, Joe Morgan

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